Young Ireland is an Irish-American band formed in November 2010. Our original ballads reflect the spirit of the Irish struggles and traditions from the 1600’s to the modern day.  When not playing as a full band, Patrick and Michael actively perform as a father & son duo.


What People are Saying

“For those of us who love Irish music…it is a marvelous event when the music is perpetuated!  Huge success is just over the horizon for ‘Young Ireland’!”
Diane Byrnes, Host “Echoes of Erin” Radio
Pittsburgh, PA

Glenn Starkey, New Times
San Luis Obispo, CA

“Patrick and Michael have played many of my Songwriters at Play showcases. Sometimes we’re in cafes where the crowds get a little chatty, but the room quiets down when people hear the harmonies and sweet balladry of Young Ireland. It’s always a pleasure to have them in our line-up of talent.”
Steve Key, Producer of Songwriters at Play
San Luis Obispo/Central Coast of CA

“Young Ireland is a father/son duo that delivers skillfully crafted ballads and delicate harmonies in a richly Irish tradition. Master Michael O’Hara is a serious vocalist with the heart of an old soul, and the compositions of his father, Patrick, seem to transcend time. When you come out to see young Ireland I recommend bringing along the entire family… Enjoy the musical journey and “may the most you wish for be the least you get.”
Wendy Owens, Agent for Damon Castillo Band

Background on the Name

The band derives its name from the Young Ireland political movement prevalent in Ireland during the mid-1800’s. While some sought peaceful means for Irish independence, the Young Ireland movement sought yet another rebellious fight for freedom. Many of the band’s songs are inspired by this period as well as other Irish and American historical events and figures.